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Looking for exceptionally qualified tech workers? Tech Force Rhode Island is an industry-led approach to skills training paired with recruiting and career placement. In addition to hiring trained individuals, employers may participate in the Industry Advisory Council, curricula development, industry tours and presentations, interviewing and work-readiness workshops, and hosting experiential learning opportunities. Recruiting services to fill open positions and connections to pre-qualified talent are AT NO COST to employers. On-the-Job Training funds are also available when hiring. For more information, please contact info@techforceri.org.

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Employers have the opportunity to fill open positions with newly trained and skilled professionals in the IT field. Here are some other benefits to employers:

  • Connection to pre-qualified tech talent
  • Recruiting services to fill open positions free to employers
  • Participation on the Industry Advisory Council
  • Help inform training offerings and curricula design
  • Industry speakers and tours
  • Selection of participants
  • Internship placements
  • On-the-Job Training reimbursements (up to 50% of training costs for new hires)
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Tech Force training programs and services are free to participants and employers. Recruitment and job placement services are also free.  On the Job Training is additionally available to offset participant hire/training.

If you feel your programs may benefit from this workforce program and would like more information about how we can help you, please contact: info@techforceri.org.

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We help employers fill open positions with trained business and tech professionals in the IT field.

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Rhode Island’s IT industry is a significant part of its economy and workforce. The success is led by you – our employers. The Tech Force RI program has been implemented with the guidance and participation of IT employers across all sectors to meet your vital workforce demands. Employer participation continues to strengthen Tech Force and support opportunities to talent, company growth, innovation, and economic momentum in our state. Learn what employers are leading the way and how you can join them.

Tech Force is part of the wave of change sweeping Rhode Island, creating a new destination for tech-savvy companies, and helping well-established Rhode Island enterprises find the expertly-trained staff they need. Join Tech Force and become an Industry Advisor to this bold initiative.


Many leading area employers have already joined the Tech Force.
We celebrate them here. Select logos to learn about their vital roles.

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Tech Force Rhode Island Logo
Tech Force Rhode Island Logo

Tech Force Rhode Island is funded by the USDOL.
Funds were awarded to Workforce Solutions of Providence/Cranston with partnering agency Workforce Partnership of Greater Rhode Island.