Mark Vincelette

Marc is recently finishing up training (ICND Pt 2 finished, studying for exam)and is looking for full time employment with Cisco Networking.  His long term goal is to work Networking Security but he is open to taking an entry level position.  To speak to the type of person Marc is, he resigned from his last job because they were speed focused and he wants to be more concerned with solving the problems and making sure that the job is complete.  He loves IT and is looking forward to getting his foot in the door and growing with a company.  Very professional, fairly personable, and a general nice guy.


o   BA English and Film Studies- University of Rhode Island

–          Certifications and Training:

o   Currently finishing Cisco ICND and will be taking certification exam shortly.

–          Experience:

o   Training for Cisco Networking and light experience as Help Desk Technician.

–          Technical Skills:

o   Programs/Applications:           MS Excel, Google Drive, Outlook, mySQL, Google Chrome, MS Word, Adobe Photoshop, Mozilla Firefox

o   Operating Systems:                 Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux

–          Soft Skills:

o    Professional Look, Pleasant personality, Good communication

–          Current Residence (future if relocating as well):

o   Narragansett, RI

–          Commute Radius:

o   Open to Massachusetts and can relocate locally if needed

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