Zhi Liu

Zhi Liang has an extensive background in Genetics where he was first introduced to Data Analysis with MySQL and R.  He is looking to transition into a Data Science/Data Analysis position as he grew to have a passion for the Data piece of his previous career.

–          Education: Ph.D. Genetics (Chinese), BS BioChemistry with a minor in Computer Science (Chinese)

–          Courses and Certificates:

o   Data Science Specification, John Hopkins University/Coursera

o   Data Analyst Training, Cloudera

o   COMPTIA Linux+ Training

o   Intro to Interactive Programming in Python- Rice University/Coursera

–          Experience:

o   10+ years of Genetics in Healthcare (Heavy Analytical Data Experience)

–          Technical Skills

o   Programming: R and Bioconductor packages; MySQL; Python; Linux; Pig, Hive and Impala on Hadoop; knowledge of Spark, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and PHP;

o   Statistical software: SPSS, Microsoft Excel and Access

–          Soft Skills

o   “A” presentation, professional, intelligent

–          Current Residence (future if relocating as well)

o   Currently in East Providence but moving to Lincoln in 2 months

–          Commute Radius

o   60 minutes

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Tech Force Rhode Island Logo

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